Deck Footings in Undisturbed Soil

I am looking at this document, specifically at the chapter on deck

There is a sentence in the paragraph in the footing section that reads, “The footing near the home may not be placed on undisturbed soil. Some codes consider soil to be undisturbed if it hasn’t been disturbed in more than five years.”

Is this correct and clear? I thought that a footing must be placed in undisturbed soil. Could someone kindly clarify?

Jon Stivers, Top Inspections LLC, Philadelphia, Pa.

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Here in GA, 2018 IRC…deck footings refer to this section

So, your local jurisdiction may define “undisturbed” but IRC does not as far as I can see. No time frame here :grin:

Thank you, Brian. That is what I thought. Perhaps the Internachi article should be corrected.

Jon, Top Inspections LLC, Philadelphia, Pa