InterNACHI releases new, FREE, online Deck Inspections course.

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Thanks Nick & iNACHI.

Yes sir! :p:D

And, Thank you sir! :D:D:D

Cool graphics Nick, thanks. :slight_smile:

Just a note for those that take this course;

The printed Certificate indicates Credit Hours : 4

When entered in the CE Log Credit Hours shown as 3

So if it happens to others we will need to look into it I guess. :slight_smile:

I lowered the CE credits from 4 to 3 after seeing how long it was taking inspectors to complete. I’ll get cert updated on Monday

I thought it was generous for the time it took me. :mrgreen::wink:

Great course Nick! Thanks


In the support posts Graphics area… footings… I think there is a mistake in the text.
See the graphic that references disturbed soil and the footing. Something to the effect of footings are allowed on disturbed soil?? Shouldn’t it state “undisturbed” soil…

No, it says that the footing in the graphic may not be on undisturbed soil (no way to tell).

I could change it to “The footing in the graphic might not be on undisturbed soil” if that would make it clearer.


I stumbled on that also. If I recall, it continues on to state that it is unlikely to find undisturbed soil close to the home foundation. Still, could be confusing to someone not knowledgeable about this.


So in other words: The footing maybe ON disturbed soil…

Clear as mud…Disturbed or other wise;-)

Confusion comes from “may be” meaning “might be” being confused with “permitted.”

Changing “may be” on undisturbed soil to “might be” on undisturbed soil removes this confusion I believe.