Deck Foundation

Hello Can somebody tell me if this is proper installation for a Deck foundation?

What part of the foundation are we looking at?

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The way it is connected to the ground. Is there proper support. I felt the wood was too close to the ground and not supported properly.

If the posts are just sitting on top of those pavers no.

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All we can see from the pictures is the posts are connected to what looks like a Simpson post base / standoff. What’s underneath the base isn’t visible.


Looks like stamped concrete from here , which might be ok if poured thick enough . We can’t tell if the concrete has rebar either. From the pictures we can’t even see the design of the deck above and what is on it. Are there hot tubs, multiple levels of deck, etc. I can’t tell you if the foundation is proper. I don’t see anything that is for sure improper. There is an important distinction between those last two statements.


I spy with my little eye… Some possible concrete cracking leading up to that footer. That’s all I got from here.




What is exposed of column/post footings I think, Jeff. Remember, footings are an important part of foundation construction.

Morning, Rodney.
You have any images taken from further back?

I would report on the complete assembly instead of focusing on what little you can see of the footings.

1: The cantilever beam does not look properly secured to the columns, or what most people refer to as the posts.
2: No visual sway bracing.
3: Suspect: Column/post spacing.

I can not tell for your photos but the band boards and rim boards might need reinforcing.
Best I can do without images from further back. Not enough information.

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Here the note that goes into my reports concerning deck footings.

Unable to determine if support posts are installed over proper footings.


Cracked concrete and potential wood rot aside, horizontal forces could bring that deck down before vertical forces do. 10 foot high 4 x 4 posts with no visible bracing. I certainly wouldn’t want to have a disco dance party on that deck.


You sure those aren’t 6 x’s?


Here’s a few more as seen with my eye…


Good eye Jeffry but, the gaps in the hard-scaping pavers is typical over time. Weeds and grass will eventually grow. The spreading is mostly due to the hard-scaping being borderless. Remember, pavers are maintenance heavy. Water seeps between the cracks and shifts the packing material. Polymeric sand atop the pavers vibrated between all joints is on way to prolong maintenance issues.

I think your right, it could be a notched 6 x 6.

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I did not indicate any “GAPS”. Every location point I marked are “CRACKS”!


Point taken. Stamped concrete. Poor image.

I have the exact same image you have, WAFI

I do.
And your posts have what to do with the OP’s question?
Moreover, no help to the OP on the stamped poured concrete.
To be expected. Lol…
Footer? Never heard of a footer. Hmmm.