Log home deck support base

Inspected this home today and noted that all of the deck support logs are not reaching the footing, and have these dimensional lumber boxes seemingly supporting them.

Other than cutting the logs too short, any thoughts on why it was done like this?

Wood rot. The rotten bases were cut off and the boxes were installed to replace the lost height.


I would recommend further evaluation by a qualified general contractor.

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I agree with both @jjonas and @rcloyd

Additionally, one observation if I may. This piece is not in contact with the footing and the wood appears to be separated. Rolling or toppling is the next action, IMO.



Here is some more “Jenga” for you from today.


Thinking that piece was nailed up just to “block” it in. It appears to serve no other purpose than that. Without further detailed pics, one would think that, without any additional underneath support, two side block supports were added with the others for aesthetics.

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They needed more pine straw to “hide” that footing… :shushing_face:

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Log wall settling accommodations? There might be a screw jack located under those posts and behind that lumber. If the overhead structure is tied in to the main log building, settling has to be addressed at all columns.

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Suspect Wood Buildup Porch column base.
Column poorly anchored at the base.
Buildup column base in direct contact with concrete.
No wood/concrete clearance.