Deck inspection questions

Good afternoon everyone.

New to the inspection industry. I’m currently taking the Deck Inspection course. Sorry if these questions are pretty basic.

  1. Is there an easy way to tell pressure treated wood from non, if it’s already been painted or stained as is likely with decks, or is it not pertinent as I should be looking for rot either way?

  2. In the section on Footings and Posts, it illustrates an adjustable connection post base. I’m not familiar with these at all. How common are they and what are the advantages over a standard fixed post base?

Thanks everyone!

Look underneath. That doesn’t get coated.

A picture would help, if you can post one, Edward.

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That is just a leveler that is not attached to the deck.
You would want to see something like this or similar that attaches to the pier and the deck beam supports.


Thanks very much Larry and Marcel. Much appreciated!


This is a common post anchor for a deck.
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True Scott, but not an adjustable leveler for decks closer to grade with skirting. And of course, if you have piers that are below frost levels, you don’t need an adjustable leveler. LOL

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Funny, mine has been setting on grade with a few blocks high for 31 years and only adjusted 3 times. This year it did not go down and stayed level.

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I thought I would add a little something, The unstained wood under the deck.


That’s a sure giveaway right there.

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Thanks Marcel for the point about the adjustable leveler being used on decks close to grade. I was wondering where I could expect to see them.

Thanks Scott and Larry for your points on checking the underside. That should have been obvious to me. I was fixated on the posts.

Thanks for your patience with the noob.