Deck inspection -- who should do it


I live in a condo association and we want to get our community’s decks inspected. I’ve heard different opinions on who should conduct the inspection.

A licensed home inspector told me he would do it, but he can’t peel back sliding from the building for example to check to see if there’s repair needed beyond things apparent at the surface. He suggested we contact a licensed contractor rather than paying him.

A property management company doesn’t recommend a licensed contractor to do the inspection because that person has a business interest in finding things that need repair.

I am thoroughly confused. Can you help clarify who should do the deck inspection?

Thank you!!!

IMO… since you are requesting “only” a full deck inspection, (as opposed to a full home inspection), call a Home Inspector with Deck Construction experience, and discuss the “scope” of what is to be inspected, and create a contract based upon that information. This should be a no brainer for the appropriate inspector.

I know a few Washington Inspectors. Post your city here, and I’ll respond to it if I know of one in your area.

Btw… we make our livings because of “licensed contractors”. Nuff said.

I agree with Jeff, perhaps attaining written permission from the Association allowing the inspector to perform destructive testing to determine where concealed areas of decay may exist. I often require this for specialty siding inspections.

Agree with Jeff. Many home inspectors have past construction experience.

And I agree with all of the above. One suggestion would be for random spot checks, and a proposed method of repair to be included as part of the process of inspection; in other words, the inspector will have a way to repair the damage done related to his inspection.