Deck Inspection

Please look close many decks we inspected where not built correctly.

**10 go to hospital after deck collapse in Whitehall **


Posted Jul 15, 2018 at 7:12 PM UpdatedJul 15, 2018 at 7:12 PM

WHITEHALL,Pa. (AP) — Authorities say 10 people were taken to a hospital
after a deckcollapse in eastern Pennsylvania,
but none of the injurieswere said to be life-threatening.
Chief David Nelson ofthe Whitehall Township fire department
says a dozen people were standing on thesecond-story deck behind a home
when it gave way shortlybefore 7 p.m. Saturday.
Nelson described theinjuries as “nothing critical, but some possible broken bones.”
He said those involved had gathered for abelated reception for a wedding
that took place during the winter.
Nelson said the deck wasabout 12 feet high and apparently detached from the home.
It extended over a driveway and appeared tohave fallen partially on a parked car.

An inspector will be called to visitthat deck and others.

Decks seem to be the problem on over half of my inspections. There are so many configurations to deal with, and so many handymen that feel they can do it correctly. Pay for the professional folks, and have it inspected afterwards anyways.

If i even remotely see shoddy workmanship I recommend a professional contractor evaluate. I have seen so many bad decks probably 8 out of every ten. The biggest offender being ledger attachment and no flashing (newer necks). I was around for this not involved though. Deck collapse injures six | Owen Sound Sun Times

Thanks Roy. Many poorly erected decks in my neck of the wood. Almost 100% have defects of some kind.

Great work Scot. Refer to contractors.