Decks and the danger signs

Hello All:

This I just found on the ICC sight.
Engineer recommends a Home Inspector.:smiley:

Here’s another good site. I think it’s been mentioned here before…

Now fighting with the vendor’s realtor over a 12’ high deck/balcony with diagonal supports that I inspected late Friday afternoon.

The original was built with wood posts on concrete piers into a steep side hill. The original piers had tilted making the deck unsafe. So a bright carpenter/handyman hired by the owner installs PT built-up wood diagonal braces with bolts/angle iron supporting at the concrete foundation of the house. With all the PT wood, bolts and supports, my first thought was this must be an engineered repair…until I looked up at the ledger board and joist attachment. At one of the 2 pieces of ledger, the butt-nailed only joists (6-7) had pulled away from the ledger by 1.5" to 2.5".

This was the most dangerous deck I have ever inspected…and the vendor and her realtor are fighting my call!!!

Darwin’s theory of evolution must be incorrect…we are not becoming stronger, faster and smarter!!!