Deck Inspections

I read this section twice taking good notes. A lot of good information. With so many properties with decks and 60% of them being unsafe, it is necessary to have expert knowledge in this area. Many home buyers see a deck as such a nice amenity. Few realize the dangers of injuries or potential lawsuits. Deck builders are seemingly way too optimistic when building these structures. It is good for a home inspector to have expert knowledge in this area and advise the buyer accordingly.

Yes a lot of decks are overlooked all too often. I can honestly say, its extremely hard to find one built right around here.

One of my instructors at the inspection school I attended had a deck story… a colleague of his inspected a 2nd story deck, found it to be ready to fail, reported it to client and also informed homeowner who was home during the inspection, and informed both agents. Buyer backed out. 6 months later a different prospective buyer goes with an agent to view the house, steps out onto deck, it collapses and she is now in a wheelchair for rest of her life. Lawyers sued homeowner, both agencies, and the home inspector from 6 months ago because he “should have followed through with making sure it was fixed”! He had to go to court with a lawyer, ended up not having to pay, but had to pay his lawyer none the less. What a world man.

He informed all stakeholders of his findings. This means he fulfilled all his duties. Should have counter sued for legal fees.