Sometimes you have to crawl.

While I was inspecting the underside of a large deck I came across this site at the ledger board.

The client terminated the inspection immediately, paid me for a full inspection and was so thankful.

Her agent was equally thankful, stating “I don’t want any major problems after my clients buy a home”. That’s a great agent

Who more than likely won’t refer you anymore…

Why was the inspection stopped? Is that major? How much will it cost to fix? Your client has been searching for a home, found one they liked, and you condemn it due to some block displacement? Were there other issues relating to this? I’m assuming you started at the exterior and didn’t gain a full assessment all other areas related to this observation (since it was stopped.) What’d the interior side look like? What if the rest of the house was stellar and there was only this issue? You charged your client full price for a partial inspection? Was there a report?

FWIW, I’ve never, ever had to cancel an inspection due to something I inspected. Of course, my clients don’t show up until the end so there’s no one to stop it, but me :cool:

The two courses of block were displaced over six feet in length and measured approximately 1-7/8 inches out at the bottom of the ledger. This area was an addition to the original structure and there was not any access to the interior portion.

Other issues to the house include the deck that had loose guards, uneven steps and deck boards that had been rotted through. Numerous wood window frames rotted and three wooden exterior doors and thresholds that were deteriorated. The roof had numerous issues and the gutters and downspouts were loose, damaged and sloped incorrectly.

I guess the client, after she step into an overgrown water feature, seeing the block and the other issues with the home decided not to purchase it and stopped the inspection.

I did offer her a reduced price but she insisted on paying in full. She also signed an addendum to the contract and a report was generated, for those areas inspected, and emailed to her.

I have never canceled an inspection. My client, the consumer, stopped the inspection and she was with me every step of the way, excluding the roof.

As far as agents, there are good and bad ones. I do not rely solely on agent referrals, nor are they my client.

Just curious… why is it that a majority of the time when people post stuff on here, someone’s got to respond and put the poster on the defensive? Making them justify their actions… or am I just reading/taking it wrong?

Just did the same this morning William ,good job. One satisfied client is better than upset agent . They will refer you in a heart beat to their friends.

Gotcha. I was just curious as OP was a little vague.

Great job. Some clients just don’t want to deal with things big or small.


Every client is different.

Some clients don’t want to do any work.

Other clients are willing to fix everything, and are not phased by any needed repairs, big or small.