Deck Issues

What KIND things would you say about this deck? Double 2x6’s used for stairs supports, buried in the ground. No guardrail support post. Attached to a cantilever, etc.etc… House and deck is 2 years old. Must be OK!!! there is whole subdivision full of them.

Well, to start with, the lack of a graspable stair hand railing is a safety hazard.

That is one.

Does not look like a real cantilever to me and what about earth wood contact along with lack of risers.

To begin with, due to the cantilever, and the method of framing to the cantilever, this deck should be “free-standing”. That in itself is enough to call for repairs.

No graspable handrails. The posts parallel to the house do not appear to be diagonally braced. The gap between the steps is > 4". I’ve never seen 2x6s used as support posts. Recommend a thorough review and repair as deemed necessary by a competent, licensed contractor.

These builders don’t know what 4x4 posts are?

2X4’s for railings? OMG, this is some shoddy construction.

Get me in there, I’ll have a blast writing this one up.