Deck joist length ?

I inspected a deck that was 14 ft long and was only supported by the ledger and post at the other end. The joist were 2X8’s.
That seems a long distance without posts/supports in the center.
My question is …How often (distance between supports) using 2X8’s should the deck be supported?
I had a chart somewhere , but can’t find it.
See attachments.

All I could find is max 11 ft grade #2 16 inch apart

Thanks but I’m referring to the additional support post down the center.

Wayne’s span table info would dictate a support needs to be added anywhere to make the free span less than 11ft for #2 @ 16oc. Doesn’t need to be centered, just less than 11ft span.

Start on page 3

Great info Gentlemen.
Thanks alot.

Hey guys there is a app call spancalc to who ever wants it