Deck ledger board?

Hi, this is from a low deck, about 2’ above grade. There are strips of OSB being supported by the steel bars coming out of the foundation. This was the best vantage point I could get, shining my flashlight through a lattice covering, from about 15’ away. Is this common? Allowable? Thanks in advance for any feedback.

Morning, Mark.
The floor joists are cantilevered. No ledger board.

As for the floor joists, they appear to be steel and a rot proof composite material. I joists.

Did you feel or measure with a level any inconsistences in the flooring?
Find any damage?
If not make note of the joists composition and move along.

Thanks for the feedback. That makes sense. There were no inconsistencies with the flooring. The only damage were some loose boards and rot in areas exposed to moisture. Most of the deck was protected by the porch overhang. To satisfy my curiosity, do you know the purpose of the OSB that is being supported by the rectangular steel bars coming out of the foundation?

Those look like TJI joists, Mark.

Here is some info:

Those are actually light gauge steel joists.


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Thanks Marcel. It is hard for these old eyes, sometimes, to verify from a picture. :thinking:

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Robert, am I missing something? What joists are cantilevered?

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Those joists are NOT cantilevered. They are sitting on the edge of the I-Beam that is bearing on the footing wall.
For your question…No, this is not common.
Allowable…you would have to know a bit more about the horizontal steel to determine what kind of a load they were intended for. A traditional steel stud is meant for vertical use.


But that is the concern, I believe, with the OP.'s question. It appears that the I-Beam is sitting half way, or more, on the OSB, and not on the stem wall. If you zoom in on the pic, it looks like the joist is barely sitting on the wall as well.
Definitely looks compromised, the OSB does look like it was meant to be a ledger, like the OP stated

It appears to me; light steel I joists are pocketed/bearing in the H beam atop the poured concrete foundation and cantilever over the cantilever end beam.
You have a pic from the yard?
Looks that way to me but like Larry, my eyes are 6 decades old.

I cannot say for certain if the joists are cantilevered or not over the beam. The joists could just end there.

I think the other beam was supposed to rest on the foundation, but they missed. Therefore, the wood is there to support the portion of the beam hanging over the foundation…similar to a ledger.

The OP said this was OSB which would be one of the worst decisions possible for a ledger. But, it could be microlam.

What I gather from this picture is this is a steel framed deck and the ledger board is the steel track that would be used for top/bottom plate if it were a wall. The OSB is the shear on the side of the house. I’m not sure about the metal brackets, is there earthquake bracing needed in your area?


Thank you. No, earthquake bracing is not required.

Good call on the microlam. I think you are correct.

If anything it is OSB sheathing or OSB rim board and the light gauge c-channel is continuous over it to accept the metal framing.


If the deck was added as an after thought, they might have just cut a space through existing sheathing and rim joists to insert I beam?

Those are two C-metal channels back to back.