Deck Post used to prop up corner of house?

Hi everyone, I am currently a student completing my courses, hoping to be done by April.

I was wondering what your opinion was of what appears to be a decking post holding up the corner of this house? I found this at my friend’s house. (It is not the deck)

From a novice perspective, this does not seem appropriate! How would you approach this situation?

Thanks so much,
Whitneydeck post

If is in fact holding up the corner of the house, there are several issues. For example, it’s not plumb, it’s in contact with soil, possibly improper bracketry at the floor joists (image gets blurry when blown up). Did you get more pictures? Especially the post-joist connection? Was there a concrete peir? If so, how was the post fastened to it? Was the post PT (pressure treated)?


Those joist look cantilevered. ?

My question was about the type of material used

For wood, it, probably, needs 6x6 ground contact PT wood.