Support post

Two questions on type structure I do not see often.

Home is 1998 build and does not look modified meaning this is most likely part of the original design.

First question is besides earth to wood contact would you consider this post as needing bracing and second question is what do you call the part of the home it supports ?

All comments welcome.


Sorry just caught that as I am working on the report.LOL.(darn you were fast)
Ignore the curvature in the one as it is off a fisheye effect from a video shot.
Post is at left side corner in last picture.




Minimum 6 x 6,? Is it stucco clad? If so, its too close to grade. Is it in a driveway and subject to mechanical damage? Can you confirm if there was a proper concrete footing below the frost line? Was is secured both top and bottom?

well from Ohio I would say if the cantilever for the bedroom bump out were done properly the post would not be necessary, but it would be impossible to tell that without removing sub floor or drywall.The one picture seems to show a bow in the post which could indicate compression and perhaps an improperly framed cantilever…

I said ignore the bow as it is due to fisheye effect from that being a video shot however should I mention it being in need of bracing ?
Just comment on earth wood contact and leave it be?
The porch was built using nails for the ledger and improper support so my suspicion level is high.

No did not confirm footing but more concerned about 4x4 and it is aluminum siding as stucco is rare (thank goodness)in this area.Though missing tyvek was noted at the attic.

How would I Observe proper attachment at top …lol?

If there were no bow Bob I would just mention the post earth contact and move on…

I sorta agree but if you saw this at a deck you would call for diagonal bracing right?
Does the fact it is possibly cantilevered change that?

Maybe I am over thinking but sure would hate to miss an obvious.

Same principle applies as to a deck supported. If it is over 12’ it should be a 6x6 post for support. I think someone ran this for convenience of the gutter system and not an actual support for the cantilevered bedroom. If it is a support this is foolish, a 45-degree support to the wall like you would see with a overhanging front entrance would have been a better Idea.

That makes sense.

So if your report would you comment on anything?

Gosh glad my afternoon cancelled for today.(yet another blunder) Bank did not deteriorated-winterize.

Our local AHJ used to require 6x6" over 6’ high but recently began requiring 6x6" for all deck/bacony support posts.

It looks like a 6 x 6 PTL Timber
How is the Footing?
Concern is the downspout piping adjacent. How is the sub grade drain installed if a footing is present?

If this cantilevered room extension does not need a support, then most likely it was an engineered design as most codes would not allow this distance (appears about 4’) of overhang with 2"x standard lumber.

Likewise, a 45 degree support would most likely needed to be engineered.

It goes underground to edge of a giant reservoir behind my back while shooting.


It is impossible to cmt on bracing with the limited info. provided.

What is the ‘post’ made of? Wood or tubular steel?

It does not matter what it is supporting, but if you must get tech., it is likely a floor sup’t beam.

If the angle is greater than 45 degrees (for the footing)
It needs to be reviewed by architect or engineer for repair specifications.

Report is in and I basically reported that I’m not able to determine if the post is structural or not and may be for the downspout.
I also mentioned the earth to wood contact.

Decided not to play structural engineer as I saved that for the nailed in ledger at that back porch.(needs work)

Sick of looking at reports for the night but here is the exact wording.

• Post at north-west corner under what may be cantilevered floor structure may be only to
support gutter but can not be determined during general home inspection.
• Post at north-west corner has earth to wood contact and will promote rot.
• Footing if any not determined.

Are there two posts in question here? I only see one in your pic’s.