Decking Requirement

I inspected a log home yesterday with a metal panel roof installed. When I went into the attic however I saw that there was no sheathing installed but instead the metal panel roof was screwed directly down to the trusses. Is this acceptable? It would seam that any future maintenance on the roof would be difficult as the roof surface would not be able to hold foot traffic.
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Pictures would help.
Some standing seam metal panels are designed to span so many feet ? in between purlins with no sheathing. It depends on the gauge and Manufacturer.
It is possible that the log home roof structure was framed in a similar manner to accept these standing seam panels.

Without pictures, it is impossible to say. Your best bet is to have a Qualified Roof Contractor to verify before you make any erroneous comments.

Good point. Please see the attached pics.

Screw pattern doesn’t look right. The screws should line up with the purlins , about two foot apart. That looks like a Classic Rib metal roof. See the attached excerpt form their installation manual for screw placement.

Agree! It looks like a different roof.

Well, that sure ain’t a standing seam roof and not a metal roof that matches the framing.
Don’t see one screw underneath the metal in that picture that would reflect all the stitching I see.

Yes you are correct. I inadvertently posted the pic of the garage roof which did have sheathing. Sorry about that. Here is the roof material on the house. Please see pic.

That nail pattern still don’t appear to match the purlin framing.
That whole roof has got some issues.

In the inside truss picture show that it is a classic rib panel. We have a lot of buildings here in upstate NY like that. With that said, most here will use screws not nails as one can see the nail in the outside pict has moved up off the metal panel and will 1 cause a leak and 2 does not hold to secure the panel to the purlin’s Screws hold better. I do not see a problem with this install except it will be very loud inside the house in a rain storm. The only way to ever walk a metal roof like this would be on the purlins where the panels should be secured.
like others have said something seems to be off between the inside picts and the outside picts. IMHO