Decking wrapped with lattice

Does a deck wrapped with lattice meet the deck railing standards or pickets standards being no larger then 4"?

As long as it can withstand a 200 lbs lateral force.

There is nothing that prohibits it if you think it is firmly attached.

2009 IRC R312.3 Opening limitations. Required guards shall not have
openings from the walking surface to the required guard height
which allow passage of a sphere 4 inches (102mm)in diameter.

  1. The triangular openings at the open side of a stair,
    formed by the riser, tread and bottom rail of a guard,
    shall not allow passage of a sphere 6 inches (153 mm)
    in diameter.
  2. Guards on the open sides of stairs shall not have openings
    which allow passage of a sphere 43/8 inches (111
    mm) in diameter.

Some may say the kid could fall down the stairs and bump his head at the bottom and it should be further idiot proofed.

P.S. I don’t like the pre-cast footings for a permanent structure like that. Probably built without a permit.

Precast are not adequate for uplift forces as well as lack of diagonal bracing.
Not sure how the bottom of the lattice is attached, if at all.

Jeffrey and Jeffery we are on the same page. I personally would call that one out knowing the party they will have up there and if someone slips with there bottle of beer and goes through the lettuce I mean Lattice someone will pay.
It does look like they put a 2x4 railing around the mid section but who knows what that force can take. I am guessing not 200 lbs for sure.

I see horizontal runs of 2x4 at 2’ and 4’ off the floor. Perhaps if someone was break-dancing they could spin off through the lattice. Otherwise, not much chance for an adult.

The guard meets cde*, provided it’s secure.

I don’t argue normally with **CODE **officials but since there is no bottom support for the lattice and that is a ten foot drop. You are out of your mind to think that is OK.
I have personally kicked them out on inspections just showing people how secure they are and most I know are just put up for eye candy.
If they are plastic they get brittle in the sun.
If they are wood they are not designed to hold even 20 lbs against them.

I see your point about the base. If that is floppy, then yes it would be a problem for me.

I doubt lattice will meet 200lbs pull at that amount of spacing.
(may depend on how well attached however)