Deep Probe Of Drainfield to support Real Estate Transfer


I am trying to find a company to do a pre-inspection of the septic system in my home as part of my requirement to work with my company’s relocation company. Almost every septic inspector I have contacted in Maryland thus far feels it is totally safe to poke holes into my septic field with pipes so that they can sample the septic field.

They claim they can find trenches that are holding too much water doing this, or perhaps a dry trench, indicating that a trench is not receiving any water. Or, perhaps, have a look at the biology of the the field, and derive some sort of opinion as to the state of health of the septic field.

Based on everything I have read on the internet,( as well as speaking to one out of state septic inspector) this practice not only seems dangerous, with respect to the potential of damaging my underground pipes, but trying to indicate the condition of a 3000 square foot drainfield, by taking quarter size samples of dirt with a probe seems ridiculous.

Is this some sort of maryland oddity? I have not had much help from the county or state government personnel, as they are mostly concerned with the process of first certifying an initial system. They have written a 4 step process to validate a working septic system, but it only states the minimum requirements and apparently does not outlaw this practice of poking holes into a septic field with a sledge hammer and a pipe to get a probe down into the field.

Appreciate your quick reply, as I have an inspector lined up to perform an inspection this monday.