Septic Field Question

Any NACHI member ever heard of a “X-ray” machine for checking Septic fields. A client from (California) said that its done all the time in California, and why did I not have one. I thought he was pulling my leg, but he said he was not being funny.
I’m guessing something like you see on the TV shows that see through the soil for bodies???,
Anyone got any ideas?

Ground-penetrating radar

Here’s a link to a company in NE that does it.
Not sure how effective it is though
From a standpoint of finding the tank, D-Box and sewer laterals it maybe good but identifying how well an EDA absorbs effluent I doubt it would be very helpful.

Michael, seen and heard of it, just never in a Septic System Evaluation.

Thanks Peter, A GPR for Missouri, on some of the steep banks and heavy vegetation around the Lake Properties is just not practical.

I take it this California city slicker never seen a piece of electric fence wire used to find lateral lines. I have had people hire me to perform their septic inspections just to see how it was done.

James, No he felt that I was pulling some scam by using the witching rods. Has worked about 90% of the time don’t you agree.
Kevin, I do use the rods, and sometimes a sewer camera.

Sounds like the guy is none too smart. I think I would have ended my conversation with him pretty quick. If they are not going to believe what you are telling them before they hire you, they will not believe things you tell them after they hire you.

Same thing happens with EMF “electrical magnetic fields” affecting some people but not others, that is why you need the equipment to prove it.

Evidence please

Wait in line… he hasn’t got caught up on the ‘other threads’ yet! :wink: