Delta T IR

This is an example of delta T even recording into the low to Mid 20’s where most would assume that everything was the same temp as these pics were taken a few minutes ago out side my home. One was just the ice covered grass and the other was a concrete sidewalk. No I do not proclaim to be Superman but I sure like to view the different temps of different substances under the same ambient. This is just another example of why we can see the location of wall studs from the interior of a home. Delta T



What? I see wall studs from the interior of a home all the time. :wink:

Yes John I understand very well but for the un-knowing I have never observed you explaining, Why you see them that was the reason for my post.:wink:

You see them because they show a different temerature on the IR camera. I think
we have talked about the process about a dozen times… what is the point?

The point is I just see a bit of discussion here and a bit over there never no real in depth discussion going on. I personally would like to see a thread devoted to IR as this appears to be in a lot of HI’s future business.