Is there no insulation in these walls?

I’m doing the first part of the thermal certification and I am brand new to this. Being able to see the studs in these walls, they are all exterior facing walls, does that mean these walls are missing insulation?
I could not see the studs on the interior walls.

Taken middle of the day (1pm) and outside temp is 72. The inside temp ranged from 72 (upstairs) to 68 (basement).

Thanks for the help!


My guess is that you are not that far into the IR course. Keep reading.
Here is a hint.


This is sort of interesting. Did you determine that heat source?

The walls appear to be insulated based on your pics. The yellow spot Brian pointed out is where a piece of insulation is missing in the ceiling/attic. It’s normal to be able to see studs in most cases.

You should try to get a better temperature differential by running the AC inside before you scan.

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As Scott alluded to, there is not enough contrast…get through a quality course, use a quality imager, and you will know what we are saying.

72 degrees and 72 degrees?

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Looks like it could be a supply vent from here in Jawja…Maybe?

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You need a Delta T to determine anything


You spoke the unspoken word, lol.


Keep going through the coursework and things will make more sense.
Here is an example of missing insulation in an exterior wall and ceiling. Outdoor temp was about 38 ℉ and Indoor was at 75 ℉ Settings on camera were on auto
img20210510_201711.bmp (225.6 KB)
img20210510_201732.bmp (225.6 KB)

Thank you all for the help, really appreciate it!


There’s a lot of good information you’re getting from the folks posting on this forum. Here’s an example of improperly installed insulation from an inspection Monday. There’s a about a 2.5°F difference between the improperly installed insulation and the nearby ceiling 2 feet away.

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How did it get down to 25 degrees F?

I didn’t have a chance to format the numbers on a data sheet the temperatures in the photograph are in Fahrenheit

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