Department of Energy and InterNACHI preparing to offer Home Score.

Is this what you were referring to in an earlier post "
InterNACHI one of first to be licensed to offer U.S. Department of Energy home rating calculator.

I thought INACH was developing their own course?

No. The DOE actually licensed InterNACHI to build you an online portal to do the calculation. That happened about a week ago. See:

With this course will you still have to work under (give a %$) to a HERS Rater or willl you be able to geive a house a rating independent of others?

This is not a HERS rating. HERS ratings are for new construction.

This is a rating that will be provided by BPI and/or RESNET certified analysts for existing structures - who have completed the ratings course. NACHI has a separate program to help members train so that they can pass the written tests and field evaluations for those certifications.

Good Luck!

When will this training be offered?