InterNACHI to provide headcam mentoring for U.S. DOE Energy Scoring.

The new mentoring system developed by InterNACHI was announced by the U.S. Department of Energy today at the Inspection Fuel conference.

Mentoring, which was always the most difficult part of the process to acquire, will now be made easier and free, thanks to InterNACHI.

What, more added value!?!?

Any link to the mentoring program?

I have not started doing the energy scores yet so I do not know much about it yet. How will we be able to use the service.

Do I have to take the course over again because no mentor was available in my area and my license expired?

No, you don’t have to repeat the course.

Anyway, InterNACHI is solving the lack of mentoring issue using technology. It’s the only way to reach scale with this program.

Wow, nice job solving that problem. I’m jealous! I had to do it the old fashioned way. Now if anyone knew about the program and its many benefits we would really be in business. I’m trying to do my part in Parker, Colorado and surrounding areas.

Parker, Colorado Department of Energy Home Energy Score Assessor

Is there any marketing material for the energy score assessor? I attended the TREPIA conference in college station last month and finished the energy score course and am waiting for a mentor. I like the head cam idea. Any more info on that? I’ve mentioned the program to 3 of my top realtors that I work with and they wanted more info too.



When will the head cam mentoring be available?

I’m wearing one now. The U.S. DOE is coming to Boulder to see a demonstration next week.

We just received our 360 camera kit from the Google Street View folks to enlighten, inspire, and empower people all over the world by taking them inside the InerNACHI House of Horrors

We’ll be adding 360 images to Google Street View soon.

And we’ll be using our live-feed camera system for training and quality control measures for our Home Energy Score partnership with the US Department of Energy.

How’d the head cam for the DOE test go last month? When will the cameras be available for us? I finished the all the education stuff for it. Do we need to do one of the “mentored” inspections first before we can charge for them or do we just need to do at least one “mentored” inspection within 6 mo?

We completed building the entire system. U.S. DOE has to adopt it for mentoring now. They’re coming out next month.

Any more info yet on the DOE mentoring program? Finished all my classes too.

Waiting on U.S. DOE to approve. I had a conference call with them this week.

Greetings Nick, I have the DOE Assessor certification (after passing all the Sims training), just got approval from the Oregon DOE but need my 1st Assessment monitored -awaiting a reply from Tom but sounds like you have it in hand. If I could get in line for any remote assessment I would appreciate it.
Kind Regards

Checking on the status of those head cams for the energy score inspections, too.


All done. Waiting on DOE.

Could we do the monitored assessment at the house of horrors, or in Colorado if we came up there?