Depth of Sewer latteral

I just inspected a crawl space the lateral goes out the foundation wall 16" below grade, does anyone know the required depth so I can put it in my report?

  1. Cover: The sewer lateral shall have a minimum of 4 feet, 6 inches of cover over
    the top of the pipe at all points unless otherwise approved by the Town of Ithaca
    Engineering Department.

This Look Right???

The water line is the variable. It must be a minimum of 12 inches deep and a minimum of 6 inches (IRC) below the frost line. The sewer lateral is 12 inches below the water line, minimum.

So, depending upon how deep your water line is, your sewer lateral is 12 inches below it. (IRC 2603.6 and 2904.4.2) if they run together and sloping deeper as it approaches the sewer.

The last lateral I saw dug up and repaired was ten feet deep at the foundation…deeper as it went to the street.

In this area the sewer can take a down turn right outside the building (after the main cleanout, of course, that has to be within 3’ of the foundation wall.) to reach a depth that preferrably matches the street connection given 1/8" per foot fall minimum.

the frost line here is 48 Inches upstate ny. the whole addition looks like it was done without a permit.

Best bet is to recommend a permit search. That lateral could be emptying in a neighbor’s well. LOL

Actually that is what I was thinking. Block walls Unfilled, 6" Sill Plate, Insulation installed upside down, No vapor barrier, The main beam is supported in the center with two 2X4’s 18" in heigth and not connected at all. loose concrete pier (not sure of the depth).
Can U say Handyman!!!

With all of that you might not worry about the plbg. Plumbing might be the only thing still standing in 6 mths.