No Sleeve

Main drain line was buried by concrete at the perimeter foundation wall.
How would you correct this situation?

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Perhaps a better questions is WHY would you correct this situation unless the drain pipe was damaged or stopped up.

There was no sleeve protecting the waste line, you would not note this condition in your report?

I don’t see the problem either.

Does your local area require a sleeve?

As far as I know this jurisdiction does require a protective sleeve…
Thanks for the input.

It’s too late for “correction,” short of removing the concrete or replacing the pipe with a smaller diameter and running through the existing.

CPC 313.10.1 Sleeves shall be provided to protect all piping through concrete and masonry walls.

The IRC requires sleeves as well. . .

**P2603.5 Pipes through footings or foundation walls. **Any pipe that passes under a footing or through a foundation wall shall be provided with a relieving arch; or there shall be built into the masonry wall a pipe sleeve two pipe sizes greater than the pipe passing through.