Detached Garage Sub-panel

Does the sub-panel for the detached garage need to be wired into the main panel? When I shut off the main disconnect in the home, the garage still has power. I thought I read somewhere that a sub-panel can’t be before the main disconnect.

Service entrance with sub-panel


Main disconnect inside the house

The panel by the meter is the service equipment panel and the panel in the house is the distribution panel.

Edit: Actually, I’m wrong. I see the split now at the mast head. If you shut of the breaker in the panel by the meter, the power should shut off in the garage.

Stephen, I don’t see a split at the mast head although I agree that the breaker by the meter is probably to shut the garage off.

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What you have is essentially 2 service disconnects on one meter. In general they should be grouped in one enclosure, think split-bus panel, or in separate enclosures next to each other.

Are you at a farm house by chance?

Yes the power to the garage is shut off by the small panel next to the meter. I’m wondering if it needs to have its own breaker in the main disconnect so it can be shut off when the main is shut off. One action to shut off the entire service or two actions to shut off power to the entire property?

A house can have more than one piece of service equipment. They do not need to be within the same enclosure. That disconnect off the meter is not a subpanel.

1948 single family with add-on in town.

Thank-you, I understand now.

Figures 1948.
Looks like you have some pretty cloth AL wiring there.

What the hell is that equip ground in the garage panel doing? :joy: is it attached to the can at all? Other than wrapped around the locking tab

Its holding the door closed. :rofl:

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