Garage Sub Panel Configuration

Is there a reason to flag the following:

Work shop garage

  1. Garage Sub Panel
  2. Panel has main shut off, 3 220 circuits for individual tools and
    several 15 amp receptacles
  3. Panel has grounds isolated and ground bar in the ground.

I thought it was a good idea on the six throws idea
Main Panel is on the other end of the house.

Question: I thought it was unusual for a Sub Panel to have a main breaker.

Am I correct in assuming that the panel is fine provided the grounds are isolated and grounded?

Thanks, Jay
Tilley Home Inspection


If the garage is attached no main is required. Neutral and EGC’s are required to be isolated from each other with the EGC’s connected to the panel enclosure. Sounds like you have it covered.

Sub-panels do not have a “main breaker”; the correct term is Service Disconnect. There is Only One Service Disconnect per service at the property.

The “main breaker” in your sub-panel is just a disconnect, for convenience.

Main breaker is commonly used to refer to the breaker that cuts all power to the panel. The manufacturers label their panels as main breaker or main lug only. It does not mean it is the service.

I agree, a main breaker is as Jim has described. A service disconnect is a completely different animal. A main breaker can be a service disconnect but it doesn’t have to be one.

This may be helpful for future reference.

Nice graphic but is this a detached garage in the OP?

Also doesn’t show the neutral to ground bond at the outbuilding with the 3 wire feeder.

I assumed. Maybe incorrectly.

I think I got the images from the 2009 IRC.

Looks like it’s there in the second attachment.

Missed it when they moved it from the bottom.