Detached Metal Carport

If I understand correctly a free standing 3 sided metal carport is outside our SOP.
It’s 20’ from the home. However, this one is underground wired with it’s own breaker box and receptacles.
To inspect or not to inspect, that is the question.
I think yes but not sure.

I always did. My clients expected me to.

Thank’s for responding Chuck. May I ask what “CMI TREC” stands for ?

He’s a Certified Master Inspector and when he was inspecting in Texas he was governed by the Texas Real Estate Commission.


There is no location for your profile… in New York, we’re required to inspect detached carports and garages.

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Thank’s Stephen, I’ll check on the profile thing. If your an InterNACHI member we have an SOP that we follow to maintain certain standards. In this case I found out
that it is not part of the SOP except in this case due to the wiring.
Nice to hear from you in New York. I’m in LA. That’s “Lower Alabama” :v:

Jack, your state is a licensed state. Your state has its own SOP which you must follow. Part of your state’s SOP is to inspect detached garages & carports. Don’t screw it up or you might be out of business before you start rockin :slight_smile: Best of luck!

PS: I’m not Stephen, that would be a fine gentleman from the post above mine, stay focused, you can do it! :slight_smile:

Thank’s Simon. Very good point and my apologies.