Difference between Flir B400 vs T400


What is the main difference between B400 and T400?

I went through their datasheets and can’t really find anything different

Thanks in advance!

Not much AFIK. The B400 is marketed as a “building” diagnostics unit. I believe that FLIR sold many more T units than B units in the series, but that’s just my perception.

I think that the primary difference is in the types of alarms. The B400 has alarms for humidity/dewpoint and insulation.

I thought that there was a difference in temp range, but the docs show that the B400 can be configured for Hi-temp range too. So I suspect that the only real differences are limited firmware and the trim color on the chassis.

You may find greater, and more critical, variations between generations within the same families e.g., 9MHz vs. 30MHz, firmware revisions / availability, max temp range etc. Not all T400s were created equal. I believe the same holds true for the B400 line too.

If you are considering acquiring a second hand unit, contact FLIR customer support with the serial number and firmware numbers of THAT unit to get the history and capability of the specific unit you are looking at.

Jason may be able to provide more specifics regarding differences in the B/T series and generational changes.

They use the same detector.

I have always felt alarms are a bells and whistles feature.

Chuck is right about the temp range, however it is an upgrade on the B series ($$$). I have been trying to look up the price for that upgrade and cannot find it. Off the top of my head I want to say it was $1100. Stock temp range is 120C (248F). Stick with the T400. However, the used market on these cams is kind of weird. I see T400’s going for around $6k to $8k. You can buy a brand new T420 (better than both) and get free level X training from FLIR ITC ($1850.00 value http://www.flir.com/thermography/americas/us/view/?id=58518). In addition to a newer generation detector the T420 has lower thermal sensitivity (.005 better) than the T/B 400. Thermal Sensitivity is your most important statistic for building diagnostics. Has the Apple/Android integration (remote operation is sick), is 60hz vs 30hz (better for video), live WiFi streaming, FOV match (your additional lenses will now work with digital/IR together) and other misc features. Not to mention the new cam comes with a brand new warranty…2/5/10. 2 year camera, 5 year battery (this is amazing), 10 year detector.

The T420 is easily the best bang for the buck professional grade camera on the market right now, IMO.

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In days gone by the B’s and T’s had a significantly different temperature span if I recall correctly. The B came with only one, T came with two. Both were upgradable however.

Several generations later, the only difference is in the software (as indicated above).

I think the biggest difference from the past was the old BCAM and BCAM SD versus the T’s. These were not upgradable and had software pertinent to their applications. I also think there may have been a sensitivity difference initially (way back when).

As Jason says, the software is about bells and whistles, but if you wanted to identify moisture you could enter the dry bulb temperature and relative humidity conditions and it would set the alarm. With a Txxx, you have to figure out what the dewpoint is another way and set the camera alarm. If you use it all the time, it would take up time and require additional equipment.

If you’re buying an old camera, just be sure of what you’re getting. Like Chuck says, call Flir for the spec if you don’t know.