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Im new here, from the UK, googled this site and the thermal imaging part of the forum looks very good.

I am looking at buying a flir i60 or T series camera…

It will be used for Electrical and Mechanical (not building surveys), we are and electrical and mechanical contractor and panel builder and this will be an expansion to our business.

I will also be going on an IRT Level 1 PCT 5 day couse when we get the equipment.

My question is would an i series camera be enough or would we be better off spending the extra and getting a T series camera ? Advantages / Disadvantages ?



You might want to consider the training first Dave. It will give you a way better idea on which camera to buy.

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You can also rent both types of camera and try them before you make the investment.

Look at the temp ranges the cameras cover and see what matches to what you will be scanning the most.

A narrower range is better for building and mid temp objects. If you are working over 200 degrees you may consider the higher temp versions.

Flir has courses on many of their cameras.
That may help you decide.

Thankyou for the replies.

We had a demo today of the i60 and T200 camera.

One thing we thought was that the T series looked and feeled more professional, the i series also had manual focus unlike the T with autofocus.

Another point noted on the above post was the temp range of the i series being 350C max.

We will after this demo be ordering a T200 as its on a special offer at present with the +1200C upgrade free of charge.

Again Thanks