Digital Camera...what do you use

Canon 20x zoom with spare battery. Small, takes great pics and from ground takes close-ups of tall 2 story roofs or chimneys.

I used an Olympus but the zoom sucks. Now, I use a Canon SX620 25x with spare batteries, works great but it doesn’t like crawlspace.

I have been using the Lumix by Panasonic. Water proof, great pictures, and reasonable price under $200.
I do recomend purchasing the Efortek 3.7V 1100mAh 4.1Wh battery pack. $15 for 2 batteries and charger. The stock battery only gets you about 150 pictures. This battery will get about 250.

I loved my LUMIX. First camera I used

Honestly you might look at finding a different inspection software that integrates. We don’t use any other cameras other than our iPhone and then we have small cameras for hard to reach areas : Ferrett, Wire cam etc. It might save you from carrying yet another piece of equipment.

I like my Nikon AW-1. Water Proof, Fairly rugged, Interchangeable lenses and with an adapter it can use any Nikon lens (though not water proof or rugged) so I have a 300mm lens with a 2.4 multiplier to see far when I can’t get close and a wide angle lens for getting everything. It also looks professional. I find clients look at someone using a phone on their inspections, looks a little amateurish. I am not knocking a phone as they do work good but it is not a “PRO” looking tool. The only thing I hate about the AW-1 is the lack of WIFI connectivity. I also recommend getting a 360° camera with date time stamp and creating a recording of every space in the house prior to doing the inspection. That way if anything is obstructed or was broken when you arrived. You have proof.

I do exactly the same with my cell and the Google cloud, I do have the ability to also use my software app but never use it. I type notes as I’m doing the inspection and prefer to complete the report in my office.
I believe I can produce a better more precise report this way.

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What do you use to type notes? Is it on your phone? I hear you on the office thing. Using my desktop makes report writing so much easier for me and they are easier to review when I’m done writing it

I use Samsung notes. I like to type any defects as doing report, this allows me to briefly go over them with my clients before leaving the property and a good reminder when doing report.

Hi Ralph, I am deciding whether to buy another camera ($425 for the one I want) or just put that money towards an iPhone 11. Does the iPhone work well in the crawl, do you have to use a flashlight while taking pictures or is the technology good enough to get detailed photos in low light conditions?

Welcome to our forum, Christopher!..Enjoy! :smile:

I’ve also been using and loving my Panasonic Lumix for over 5 years now. I buy a new one about every 2-3 years, and rotate into a back-up camera. Gearing up to make my third (upgrade) as current model is discontinued.

Hey Christopher, I have been extremely pleased with the photo quality in the crawlspace with my iPhone 11. I will say that I often use a flashlight in addition to the flash because it helps really clarify the photo, however the flash would suffice.