Anybody use just a phone as a camera?

My camera died and I’ve been getting by the past couple days with just my Samsung phone. It works pretty well and holds a charge well.

How are the pics from inside?

Nokia Lumia 1020 has 41 MP 3X zoom and Samsung Rugby 111 has 3 MP 12X but I don’t know how well the pics from inside/dark places would turn out.

Inside pic from I-Phone are not too good.

Only the lumina has acceptable dark shots.

The resolution is fine. It’s not the best as far as inside dark places like crawl spaces. The screen washes out outside in sunlight. Not planning to stick with it, just wondering if anyone does use the phone camera exclusively.

Joe the guys using them often state they use a regular camera for those needed crawl and roof shots.

Tablet forget it with no flash to boot.

I often use my samsung S4 for S/N shots as it works far better than either of my other camera in macro mode.

If I can’t get a clear shot due to lighting or other issues I pull out the S4.

I send the photo to drop box to retrieve later.

Easy peasy.

I for a draw inspection once forgetting my camera.

No problem the cell phone did a more than OK job.

Just look at many of the pics posted here for review. It is obvious they are taken with a camera/tablet! Totally suk!


(no offense to the poster).

Depends on the cell phone camera.

My S4 is 13 Mpixels has great auto focus and auto flash even at less that 6"

My tablet pics suck though :wink:

Thats why I do not use mobile even with my smart camera.Resolution is to low .
Hoping Dom adds an update to take a full resolution copy to a separate folder.

I do. Although I agree you cant get the high quality or zoom that a nice camera affords. But a decent photo, and accurate narrative, get it done just fine. The photo is only there to display and find the defect, not count the number of granules left on a roofing shingle.

A very common FAIL with phone pics is <<< BLURRY IMAGES >>>!!!

Good luck with serial numbers that need macro zoom.
chimney caps
windows on the 3rd floor
loose mortar
behind siding
macros of insects
looking up cleanouts,etc

And the nut behind the shutter button;-)

I can auto focus on mine but if I want the focus better all I have to do is touch the screen for the focus point. Works sweet for small details like text on labels.

I can also turn on image stabilization.

Not all phones have these features but my current one does :smiley:

I still use 2 other cameras for most shots but I have left my camera on the kitchen counter a few times while heading to other parts of the house.

No problem as my phone is always in my pocket or on my belt clip.

I have been making more and more use of the drop box service.

No cards, no cables no fuss no muss. :smiley:

Have done all in the past few weeks.

I appreciate your view, and from your posts you must have great pics.

I do get a picture of every serial number from appliances, and its easy to read in the report. The only short comings I have had is:

sometimes I need to take a pic a couple times to get one focused if theres debris in the air, like an attic or crawl space.

In the case where I can not access the roof, but can see it with HP binoculars, I can see the defect, but the photo does not show it well. As I stated I can include the picture, overlay an arrow identifying exactly where it is, then describe it. --The lead flashing was severely deteriorated and requires repair/replacement by a qualified contractor.-location indicated by red arrows.

I have successful photos of chimney caps, the iphone takes a decent picture up a chimney, and zooms pretty well though. Almost every defect is within a few feet.

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Just how many tags are straight in front of you like that.

Not our first Rodeo so who you trying to convince…lol

Even with my expensive cameras I sometimes need a good gamma correct to read the things now lets see those great rafter tail shots from other side of the attic.

Mike ,Mike,Mike…I yi yi .
You have zero zoom on your cell phone.

Did you get a hold of a top secret model or something ?

It wasn’t but that is the point.

My camera is thin and able to focus at closer range than either of my cameras.

Good luck with that.

It will focus 1" from the text.

Will yours?