Digital rafter SEO

Anyone have experience with “Digital Rafter”? They called me with what looks like a good offer for SEO development.

Never heard of them.
Did you perform an “Organic Search” for them (without using their name)?
Did they come up on the first page of Google or Bing?
If not, what makes you think they can do for you what they can’t do for themselves?
My Rule-O-Thumb… If I didn’t contact them first, and I can’t EASILY find them in an Organic Search, then I don’t do business with them regardless what they claim.


Thanks for the input. That makes such good sense. They had a good price and connected with InterNACHI. I heard from Lisa that does not mean too much. Thanks again.

Jeff’s advice is sound. There are many scammers out there. They like to hook up with someone (like yourself) who has a clean online reputation and then charge them for linking to them. You pay them to raise their SEO score. Some will even high-jack your website and hold it for ransom once you give them the password. There are many things that you can do yourself for free that will improve your SEO. Using a good SEO evaluation site is one of them. I personally prefer . It will rank your website and show you the weaknesses for free.

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That is exactly how I operated, Richard. And, it never failed me.

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And, welcome to our forum, Richard!..Enjoy! :smile:

I just ask them if I google “SEO” will you come up on the first page? They never do.

99.999% of the time anyone that mentions InterNachi or just Nachi NEVER has anything to do with them. They Googled Nachi and found your name connected with the Forums and WHAM! they have a new target!!! If they were legit, they would know they can come onto the MB and introduce themselves like a REAL business would!!


Russell Cloyd - Nibbler is a cool site! Thanks for the info. I would advise all H.I. on here to try it. Some good info came from it for me!
Awesome link!

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No problem Jordan, I started using Nibbler several years ago and following their advice and my website has been going up in rank ever since.

Friends, I understand the use of abbreviations saves people time, but if the audience does not know what an abbreviation means, it is noncontributory to learning and communication. What does SEO mean? And, there are other abbreviations that seasoned inspectors use that, despite taking a guess at what they mean, I do not know what they represent. I suspect there are other inspectors that question what some of these abbreviations mean. Thanks, Robert

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Thanks Larry, I appreciate your help. I also appreciate the other information I learn from the other master inspectors on the blog.

I have been using Digital Rafter for about 4 months. I have been trying to expand my business to include inspections outside of real estate deals such as 11 month warranty inspections and asbestos inspections. (My business is less than a year old) You need a web presence to find these organic clients and that is why I hired Digital Rafter. They have been very up front with me from the start about goals and when I would start to see benefits and results, unlike other marketers who promise the moon and more. I have seen my web page move up from invisible to the 10th page , the 6th page and now the 4th or 3rd page. The plan was to get on the first page in 6 months and we are moving in that direction. They will also manage your google listing and reviews, facebook , instagram ect. With the COVID-19 virus the spring season has been greatly set back but that was rather unforeseen. I will post back with results, if you like, and if I do start getting the extra work I will let everyone know. As with all business deals read the contract before signing and the terms for cancellation ect. I do recommend purchasing your own domain beforehand and using it. You can check out my website at

The website design looks good. Has your website position on google improved or show up on the first page of a google search?

Thanks for the tip Russell. I ran mine through this morning. Very good info to be had for free!

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