Forrest Marketing

IS anyone using/have used Forrest Marketing for their website and hosting? If so, do you recommend or not? Why or why not?

Thank you

I have not heard of them but remember…they want your $, first and foremost.

Vet them carefully!

Also, welcome to our forum, James!..Enjoy! :smile:

James, talk to Tray to get some feedback:

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Simon, thanks, to anyone viewing this clown’s services based on 15 years of doing this, postings on nachi and it goes on and on, do your own research in your own market of your own specific website needs wants seo services excet era and the list goes on. I have used Ian Robertson found here, and found him to be probably as honest and forthright and professional as a guy in our group. So to our newby’s, do not fall prey to these idiots trolling our professional forums

Good choice, Tray!

Good advice, too.