Dim ceiling fan.

I have a client that I have tried to help out from time to time since he bought a flip mess. Anyways he has asked me a question about 3 ceiling fans in his house. They are all the same brand and where probably installed at the same time but all have varying degrees of brightness no matter what bulb is inserted. Here is his question from another forum if it helps try to get to the bottom of his problem.

This was taken from http://diy.stackexchange.com/questions/77590/wireless-ceiling-fans-with-low-voltage

I would like to help this guy out as much as I could but this kind of diagnoses is not up my alley so I thought I would pick someones brain that has a lot more experience in the electrical field than me.

Thanks for your thoughts.

My guess is series wiring.

As Thomas said, probably some wiring is in series. With 3-way switches and multiple lights/fans its easy to screw up. Just google the phrase “3-way switch dims light” and see all the other people that have the same problem.

He refers to them as “wireless”. Are they on remote controls and the dimmer control just has the lights turned down? And perhaps the pull chain is not on the high fan setting as it needs to be to work with a remote.

I bet they used regular dimmer switches instead of those approved for fans, and the wiring is probably a single source to the unit and split. The remote operates the fan and light but only with the power being supplied that is affected by the dimmer. Get rid of the dimmer switches and install regular switches, either single, 3 way or 4 way depending on how the room is wired. JMHO.

Since it’s on two different circuits I would guess that it’s a neutral issue. It’s possible that the two circuits are sharing an open neutral (a 120/240 volt multi-wire branch circuit) that’s why the 240 volts is divided with a different voltage drop across each fan. (50+90+103=243 volts)