Wiring configuration for bedroom fixtures

Came across an weird wiring configuration today for light fixtures installed in a bedroom. I would like to understand what would cause this condition for both my knowledge and report documentation. Here is what I observed:

The bedroom ceiling fan was controlled by a wall switch at the bedroom door. A separate wall switch was installed outside of the bedroom’s walk-in closet (for the closet light fixture). When the switch for the closet was turned on, the closet light came on but it turned off power to the ceiling fan. When the closet light switch was turned off, power to the ceiling fan returned.

Sounds like someone improperly used 3 way switch in place of a single pole.


That would be my guess

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I would advising correction by a qualified electrician and leave it at that.

I’ve seen that before. Not a ceiling fan but a light fixture. Jim nailed it, it’s a threeway switch installed where a single throw switch was needed.