Direct vent WH with draft hood

Can a WH with a draft hood be used as a direct vent?
I am under the impression with, direct vented WH, that the intake and exhaust must be with in the same air pressure zone. That would means the intake and exhaust must be on the outside.
The inspection I did had a new gas water heater from HD. I believe that the homeowner replaced it, with a non direct vent rated water heater.

A direct vent water heater should not have a draft hood.

Here’s an installation manual from State…

Which Manufacturer of water Heater ?

Bradford White specs…

Typical Direct Vent installation

Here’s a image for your reference files -
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Did the “homeowner” replace it or was this done by a pro?
I hope the homeowner did not do it and use the old existing venting system.:shock: The MFG install instructions are number 1 here…:wink:

The term draft hood to me (is the upsidedown bowl shaped) hood open to the atmosphere. Natural draft is the method. Should that be used for a “direct vent” not per MFG instructions I would think defeats the purpose of the appliance working as intended.
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The draft hood is the “upside down bowl”
The HW tank is a GE from Home Depot
It is installed using the old wall vent terminal and only utilizing the center exhaust port to the wall vent terminal. They used Aluminum 4" single wall for the exhaust and blocked off the intake portion of the comb wall vent.


I would call it out and recommend a “qualified professional” to evaluate that. Probably just cost the warranty and created an unsafe install in my opinion. Nothing like defeating the purpose of a direct vent appliance and altering the performance characteristics. So where is this thing getting combustion air from? The Draft hood???:roll:

David, no dig intended but apparently that’s not alway the case. This is a Richmond mfg. by Rheem.

PowerVent 005 (Small).jpgPowerVent 004 (Small).jpgPowerVent 003 (Small).jpg

PowerVent 004 (Small).jpg

PowerVent 004 (Small).jpg

Hmmmmm…I’ve never seen one in my area.

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This is actually my own water heater. I had a Propane fired one and when Natural Gas became available in my area it was cheaper to buy a new water heater than convert the one I had. The propane one did not have a draft hood but it was a different brand. Your post made me go look at mine and take the picture.
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