dirt leg

OK so I know that you have to have a dirt leg on gas lines. I found gas heater today where the dirt leg is in the unit just in front of the gas valve. Never seen this setup.
any thoughts???
sorry no photo

Drip leg.

what’s a dirt leg. i think i missed “it” again. maybe it’s me.??

I call it a dirt leg.:smiley: And less than 35% of homes here built between 1979 and 2001 have it!:mad:

Dirt legs are not required in any jurisdiction that I know of. Drip legs, however, are required by utility companies when the moisture content is high in the fuel they provide.

I think I may have seen one in four years. . .

When I right it up it is a “drip leg”, but every plumber I have talked to calls it a “dirt” leg.:neutral:

What else would you expect in AZ. Everything turns to dirt eventually. . . :wink:

Here, it seems to be plumbers choice. Somtimes it is there and most times it is not. Regardless, I mention it in my report, but no one does anything about it.!:neutral:

Hmmmm, I think AZ will be beach front property before long.:p:p

I hope not.:wink:

I think you meen sand.:smiley:

G2419.2 (408.2) Drips. Where wet gas exists, a drip shall be
provided at any point in the line of pipe where condensate
could collect. A drip shall also be provided at the outlet of the
meter and shall be installed so as to constitute a trap wherein an
accumulation of condensate will shut off the flow of gas before
the condensate will run back into the meter.

G2419.3 (408.3) Location of drips. Drips shall be provided
with ready access to permit cleaning or emptying. A drip shall
not be located where the condensate is subject to freezing.

G2419.4 (408.4) Sediment trap. Where a sediment trap is not
incorporated as part of the gas utilization equipment, a sediment
trap shall be installed downstream of the equipment shutoff
valve as close to the inlet of the equipment as practical. The
sediment trap shall be either a tee fitting with a capped nipple in
the bottom opening of the run of the tee or other device
approved as an effective sediment trap. Illuminating appliances,
ranges, clothes dryers and outdoor grills need not be so equipped.

Worked for a mech. cont. for 16yrs, always been called a dirt leg:D and yes I know about the moisture issue.

Mandatory in the Chicago area by gas companies. Called “drip legs”…

“Dirt legs” are for our politicians…;);):smiley:

To answer your original question Bruce, it really doesn’t matter where the drip leg is located, but it should be accessible.

Thanks JP just never seen one in the unit.


Drip legs here are installed about 50% of the time. I called the gas company and they said it isn’t a significant defect in residential construction (commercial is a different story). I also called building inspector and they don’t inforce it. I quit referencing it in my reports because of that.

I think you meant “Dirt Bags”


I do beleive they are required here, havnt seen any without one around here