Inspection video

Good morning. I just viewed the video “Performing your best home inspection” by Jim Krumm. I found it very interesting to watch an experienced inspector show how he does it. Something I picked up on was the absence of a drip leg on the water heater gas supply line wasn’t mentioned. In fact it appears the water heater was connected to what should have been the drip leg for the furnace supply. Any comments?

A water heater gas supply drip leg is not required in all jurisdictions.

In California, it only because a state requirement in 2010, and locally here in the Los Angeles area, I see city code inspectors only enforce it on a new construction.

On other states or jurisdictions, it’s a bigger issue.

In very general terms, it’s a requirement in eastern states more so than western states, but again, every state and local jurisdictions may have a different take on it.