I would like to add some additional disclaimers to my report.

I have gathered a few from various posts on the board.

Example would be drain tiles, weather related conditions, basement wall coverings, Insulation in rafters, Access panels for tubs and attics being blocked.

The reason for me doing this is that even with a good inspection contract, A Standards of practice included with report and having E & O. There is always the possability of a claim.

If a area that is limited or not visible I want as many disclaimers in my report as possable.

I should also post in the legal forum.

I no most inspectors no this but I didnt.

When a claim is filled against you. You have to pay the deductable in either case if your sued or not.

I am being sued for broken drain tile that led to a basement water problem.

It is clearly stated in my contract and report that this isnt visible.

I need to make sure that every area that isnt visible is clearly defined as a disclaimer.

I would attach some disclaimers that RR and D. valley have posted but I still cant figure this new board cut & pissed(I mean paste)

Thank you for your time.



This is a good start…

Or or could purchase Dr. Swifts’ software, disclaimers included.


Thank you Dave & Brian.

I need to start reading Dr. Swifts information.


Dave you can go to many members web sites and view sample reports. Lot’s of good info.

You also need my Interactive Report System, which is only $10. It basically has all the disclaimers that I’ve posted over the years hear at NACHI. Here’s a sample concerning tiles:

I have seen Russel’s former “Introduction” (silly me - I used to think it was an intro page!) and it is the mother of all disclaimers. Since he runs everything through his lawyers and insurance, there is a better than reasonable chance that many of his ideas/discliamers may be very useful to you as well.


Is the cost $10 per report?

Is your report seperated with the remarks after each section or at the end?

I started reading Dr. Swifts articles.

I thought I had a good detailed reporting system until recently.

I need to add many disclaimers and remarks to my report.

Thanks RRay


I wanted an educational report for my Clients which nothing I had found out there was providing for me, although InspectVue comes closest. I created a sample copy of the report for NACHI members. It is available only to NACHI members, and I charge $10 simply to cover the cost of postage, CDs, envelopes, labels, and my employees’ margaritas since they are the ones who have to create the copies for NACHI members.

It is an interactive report, which I call Interactive Report System (IRS). It is broken into five sections: 0 - Start, 1 - Introduction, 2 - Disclosures and Reference Materials, 3 - Descriptions and Information, and 4 - Areas of Concern. So there are comments everywhere, links to each section, links to tons of reference materials that I have wrote or otherwise created, and links to various places on the Internet, literally Interactive.

Here’s a small section from 2 - Disclosures and Reference Materials:

The report makes great use of PowerPoint displays (and you don’t need PowerPoint in order to enjoy the IRS–that sounds strange doesn’t it, “enjoy the IRS”?), PDF files, and links.


I would like to order a sample report. Should I mail you a check for the $10?



Here ya go, Dave.


Check latest post of mine from today.

For non-NACHI members, note that the link is in the Members Only Area, a benefit of NACHI membership.