Basement Disclaimers

CMI here that has relocated to Michigan after many years in the south. Basement while not new to me are new to my inspections. Slab only before. Question is how do you guys write your disclaimers when you can’t see any of the basement walls and or flooring due to finishes. I have one but would like to see how it stacks up to someone else’s.

Much of the foundation could not be inspected due to finishes. No major deficiencies were noted in observable areas.

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Then, Todd, make sure you take lots of pictures for yourself. You never know when you’ll need them.

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Thanks Larry
Ive been a proponent of pictures and videos for about 10 years now. Solid advice. I even go as far to brief clients that some photos are for my records like the ones showing walls and floors full of sellers items and explain that i take them to show the condition of the home the day i inspect. Sets the expectation that if you claim i missed something you better look at your report.

Indeed. Good advice Larry.

I feel like I take way too many, at least 200 per inspection and often more.
Nice to have and easy to store on a back up drive.

This also has the added benefit that if there are lots of people and conversation at the inspection, I can snap pictures and enter the data when I get home.

Thanks Stephen. Mine is very similar.
Just wondering if I was missing something. Paranoia is a inspectors biggest asset. Lol