Disconnect in panel was upside down - is this legal?

More likely someone ignored or didn’t know better installed it upside down than intended to be installed that way.

The panel in the OP’s photo is a Murray, & they used to make a breaker that the handle ON/OFF was the reverse of a normal Murray breaker so it would show the proper up is “ON”, down is “OFF”, I suspect the OEM breaker was replaced rendering it non compliant, my own house used to have the NEMA 3R version of that panel until it was replaced 41 years ago, which is the only reason I am familiar with it’s quirks, as Murray/Crouse-Hinds panels are not that common around here, unless someone could find a used version of that breaker, the only way to make it code compliant to to replace the panel.

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Thanks for the info Rollie.

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