Dishwasher Drain

Can the dishwasher drain line be installed in the horizontal waste pipe between the two bowl kitchen sink or does it have to be installed in the vertical tail pipe?

They used a high loop which is not in the picture on the left side. An air gap is not present. I do not think they wanted another hole in the granite so they did not drill it out.

Can you use a tailpiece as a waste arm extension?

I don’t see why not. A slip joint connection is used all the time in our area at the trap arms.

Well, if it’s OK to lay a tailpiece extension on its side, then I guess it’s OK to connect a hose to the inlet. I would call it atypical.

Rough in is to high for starters, left little other choice. Still wrong enters before the trap.

It’s supposed to be on the sanitary side of the trap.

Yep over thought that one