Dishwasher line to trap

Hi Everyone,

Looking for a quick answer on this to determine if the dishwasher drain line coming in should be located in the horizontal drain pipe section further upstream of the trap? Thanks in advance.

Kowalczyk Inspection 005 (Small) (2).jpg

Yes, see almost any manufacturer’s instructions. As it sits now, when the dishwasher drains, its draining into the full trap, not an empty pipe.

That tailpiece is usually right under the sink drain.

Thanks Erby. So this config. is incorrect? I noticed under my own sink that mine drains into its own trap which is positioned below the main trap. The tubing does have the high loop though.

Yes, it’s wrong.

Also, is there a highloop or air-gap in there somewhere?

There is a vent stack through roof, but the tubing just slopes down where connected to the PB before looping up to the drain.

While we’re at it, what’s the proper terminology for the chrome coated pipes? Let me guess, chrome pipes?

Complain, complain:cool:

It looks to me to be a unit with the loop figured in as the line comes from the TOP of the unit.

Notice how the bottom trap piece is reversed to make room for the dishwasher tail-piece. Just plain wrong.