Dishwasher termination hoses in CA

Hey everyone. Just recently relocated to SoCal from Southern Florida, and basically almost all of the dishwashers that I run into with my inspections here in CA, the dishwasher termination hose does not have a high loop and it is terminating into the air gap fixture instead of the garbage disposal or p-trap. I keep obviously writing it up as a defect but is this just an extremely common defect in CA homes or does this rule not apply here?

No, CA requires the dishwasher to go into air gap and then back into Disposal. But, per manufactures installation instructions, you will probably find some older installs with a high loop , especially those that decided to use the dishwasher air gap hole at top of sink, for a drinking water purification system

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Not just LaLaLand:

Which makes for a new failure mode, where the drain or disposal gets clogged and the DW pumps out all over the kitchen counter and floor. Plus two additional connections to fail, and a cheap piece of plastic to snap off once it gets brittle with age.

Check IRC vs. UPC.

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Thanks guys! appreciate it.