Distance between Refrigerator & Stove

The distance between refrigerator and stove is some recommendation to have an specific distance between both appliances or there is some written recommendation from manufacturers?


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I’m curious to see other repsonses, but I don’t see a safety or functional issue. It will be messy, however.

There is not set distance but it is recommended they not be side by side .
Roy Cooke sr

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I see this from time to time and don’t think to much about it. When I was active duty military it seems just about all base housing was setup this way (usually a smaller type kitchen). Maybe that’s why it doesn’t phase me when I see it.

I haven’t seen anything recommending a certain distance between the two.

My wife raise the flag, she review all reports before delivery to customer, and there is a concern in reference to the temperature of the stove or oven and how this could affect the refrigerator performance or refrigerator case.

But is it a deal breaker? Maybe an energy concern, but how do you reconcile with the purchaser that its a problem. I would not make a point of pointing it out.

As I just said, my wife raise the flag of a possible problem. From my point of view I will not include that in the report since I have no formal and written evidence of a problem. I could just recommend a NOT TO, but I think sometimes we have also some high temperature on close homes and refrigerator are suppose to work and meets their requirements.

As I notice apparently there is no written evidence or recommendation to install them separetely other than design.

And William, your wife is exactly right. The typical refrigerator has to pull air at floor level across the coils if they are located on the bottom of the unit (some have coils buried in the sides) and across the fractional horsepower compressor at the rear of the unit. Hot air is going to effect the performance (and consequently) the life span of the refrigerator. If it has to run all the time it will shorten the life of the compressor. The other consideration will be the burners (2) right next to the skin of the refrig making it difficult to use and also less efficient. You got one smart cookie for a wife.


Your reply just came at the time my wife was serving me a glass of wine, and when she saw your message she ordered me to get in charge of the dinner.

Thanks for your reply, you got a GOOD POINT, and my wife Agree with your inputs.

The Cooker

Unless the function of the kitchen design has changed over the years, it is still required in my opinion, that a minimum of 15" of counter top is required between the refrigerator and the stove. It was like that in the 70’s and I can not understand why it would change, when the purpose was to provide storage for pots, potholders, frying pans, roaster, cooking utensils, grease container, seasoning, canned goods, bread board, toaster, plate warmer, platters, serving dishes and trays.

It was a matter of design function back in the good old days, published in the Architectural Graghic Standards as such and still makes sence. So why try to change something that still works. ??

Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

The only thing I’ve seen is something about a stove being 6 inches from combustible on the sides and 30 inches above.

LOL, sorry I caused you to catch KP duty but she is right. Hopefully, you will get some serious brownie points. You too are a smart man…for listening to your wife. They know things and we would all be wiser men if we listened to them about those things we have either no talent in the inclination to learn…Glad to be of some help…Hope dinner turns out well.

I just blew up the photo (thumb nail), there is lots of room between the stove and refrigerator, there is even more room on the left of the refrigerator.

This is a plywood veneer kitchen. This appears to be original construction. Possibly 40-50 yrs old? If so back then that circa kitchen was not equipped to deal with todays modern lifestyles and appliances, et ceteras. Maybe the comment in the report should read …the kitchen is non functional, wasted space, lack of cupoards and draws has resulted in poor placement of the appliances, namely the stove and referigerator. The refrigerator has its handle on the left, this necessitates the user to reach around the door of the refrigerator when reaching for something from the stove and vice versa. The proximity of the stove to the refrigerator is wasted space. This space if reutilized with a new modern kitchen, which would increase the efficiency and function of the kitchen. Please remember that upgrading the kitchen is considered to be a good investment come selling time. Not only that the misses will be ever in your favour…

Inconvenient - yes. A defect - no.

I don’t do pretty - pretty or convenient is for the end user. I’m called nitpicky and if I saw an inspectors report that wrote this up, I would assume he/she was a real newbie and/or really hard pressed for a way to justify their fee.

Not being rude - jmho!!

I would have walked right past this.

The thought would cross my mind.

Wouldn’t even be something i’d mention unless the client was friend or family.


Virtually every home under about 900 SF here has the refrigerator and range side by side. There just is no room to do anything else if there’s a sink and dishwasher in the kitchen.

I guess I had better right up those garage fridges then.:slight_smile:

If you right up those old garage fridges then .
Remember if a fridge has been laying down .
You should not start it for a least 24 hours as you need to let the oil drain back down to the compressor.
.Just funnin you Brian I think you ment write Like with pencil.
Roy Cooke sr.

If one has a refrigerator that is lying down on the job, then one should fire that refrigerator.

I require work for what I pay. :smiley:

Darn Saturday margaritas. :margarit:

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