Inspection of refrigerators

What guidelines do most of you follow when conducting inspections of refrigerators? Thanks, in advance for the advice.

  1. open door
  2. insert hand
  3. if it feels cold… it works.
  1. open freezer door
  2. insert hand
  3. if it feels even colder, it works

seriously, generally i use my infrared thermometer to make sure the fridge and freezer are around the appropriate temps. 40 or so for the fridge and around 0 for the freezer…give or take a few.

Same thing I do. But now it does not work three weeks later, and they want a new one.

All dependent of the current setting isn’t it?
Insert hand and feels cold works for me.

Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

sure it depends on setting…but if i get a temp reading in the fridge of 60 degrees and the temp is set at 40, then there is a problem. but generally, the “hand method” works just fine.

was it working when they moved in or did they close and then realized it wasn’t working?

Did they do a pre-closing walkthrough?

I just get the temps, check the door seals and if there is an ice/water dispenser I see if it works.

If it worked at the time of the inspection, that’s what you report on. Did you guarantee that it would not break down in the future?? If their furnace breaks down they will want a new furnace.:shock: :shock:

We don’t do refrigerators, washers, dryers, portable dishwashers, window A/C units, etc.

I carry two thermometers with me. I put one in the refrig and one in the freezer. I snap a picture of both of them. If they are not within normal temps, I check the settings. If they are not set to manufacturers specifications, I recommend that that re-set them and check the temps prior to closing. If they dont reset, service or replacement is recommended. It the controls are set properly, and the temps are off, I recommend service or replacement (depending on age). I also check the door seals and ice maker.

Give them this: Sale at Best Buy

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I second that.

I Tell My Customers ( Right After They Sign The Contract ) That All Appliances That Are Checked Are Working Fine That Day, Unless Otherwise Noted!

I check the range for anti tip, I check the DW on 1 cycle other than that I wright down serial #'s for recall, but that’s it. Oh ya I check permanantly installed microwaves for functionality.

Or any other personal items, such as plasma televisions, stereo systems, surround sound entertainment systems, computers, space heaters, etc.

I do include some pages in my Free Appliance Package so that they can record the information on personal items. I do all the non-personal items for them.

Tell them to go pound sand.

What’s next to go that you are going to cover? Where does it end?

Don’t tell them to pound sand, but [send them this document]( my inspection report a guarantee, a warranty, or insurance.pdf), or become sufficiently familiar with it that you can tell them politely what it says. It’s from SOLUTIONS](

Ok, Russel is right. But if that doesn’t work, then tell them to pound sand.:slight_smile:

We dont test appliances either. If the seller is there we ask them if the appliances that are staying all work, and note same on the report. We note brand names in case they are switched with less expensive brands prior to the closing.