DJI Phantom Vision 2+

(Jared E. Nelson, CMI) #1

I have had this for about 2 months now and have decided to upgrade to the Inspire.

This is a real nice drone, only been used maybe 15times and never crashed.

It comes with a Hard Carrying Case and an additional mount that will hold a ipad mini.

Also have an extra set of blades.

I’m listing on Ebay for 1100.00 new this was 1400 and I figured I would post here as well for 1100.00obo.

This is great for roof inspections.

(Steve LaCombe) #2

Phantom 3 recently announced, pretty much all the features of an inspire but a few thousand less.

(Jared E. Nelson, CMI) #3

Pretty much, but not. The Inspire has a much better range and not to mention way more stable due to the more powerful motors.

I don’t just use for roof inspections - I take it on the boat and to the beaches etc.

But thanks for your input.

(Steve LaCombe) #4

Yep, I have one, not sure the cost is worth the tradeoff. Also inspire, due to design, I would not recommend beach and boat take off and landings. Good luck selling Jared.

(Jared E. Nelson, CMI) #5

Hmmmmmmmm - Thanks again for the info.

(Steve LaCombe) #6

Your welcome,anytime Jared, call me if you want to discuss further. Always up for chatting about UAVs.

(Jared E. Nelson, CMI) #7

Will Do