Do any of you have/use Digital Leveling Systems on inspections?

Here is a link to it:

Not necessary.

Hi to all,

I have one of these in the trunk at all times, brilliant for identifying footing/foundation/pier problems especially on Manufactured Homes, I’ve had mine for 3 years now without complaints, Mike who owns the business is a hell of a nice guy (he buys me beer :wink: ) and has great customer service.

BTW most Manufactured Housing AHJ’s in the mid west and east coast use these.



On my PREMIUM and TECH inspections, yes. On other inspections, no.

I use one to confirm things I suspect may be in error, but are not always
easy to verify, especially in homes that have been polished for the sale.
Calling out a foundation defect, with no cracks in the walls or doors out
of square, etc… can cause a lot of debate. This tool allows you to stand
firm in your opinion and many times will surprise you in how big the problem
really is. Foundations are a huge issue to make a mistake on.

I carry one at all times and use it when I want to spot check out of level foundations, yard grade, etc. but primarily use it when a client wants a foundation elevation survey and diagram which I charge extra for.

I like the DLS unit, although it’s hard to keep bubbles out of the line with the wide temp swings it’s subjected to inside the vehicle in TX. Mike offers a mineral oil based unit which is supposed to resist bubbles (standard unit uses RV anti-freeze for fluid). I think I would go for the oil if I was buying one today.

I have two of the Digital Leveling instruments. I use one for foundation inspections (dirty work) and another for residential inspections (clean work). I use the level on every inspection. I think to be able to tell you r client that you used this advanced instrument and what the actual readings were is important and many of my clients have told me so. I met Mike East, owner of the company, about 10 years ago at an inspectors conference in Texas and we are still good friends today. I have found his leveling instrument to be dependable, accurate, easy to maintain and rugged.
Good quality instrument at a fair price.

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When I was doing home inspections (October 2001 to December 2015), I tried using the various types of levels and found them to be too tedious and time-consuming. One thing I am very good at is walking the floors and detecting uneven floors so I just always did that.

I agree with you there Russel. :slight_smile:

If you have one of the older models using anti freeze contact Mike about an upgrade, I sent mine in and had it upgraded no more bubles

updated website for those who want it:

I agree with Russell. I have an 1/8 inch calibrated foot.

No need. There is one on every I-phone. Click on the compass, touch and slide the main screen, and there is a level! Use sideways or flat.

I’m certainly no fan of DLS. I own one and think it’s crap. I don’t have any higher opinion of their support either. However, your cell phone is not going to provide you with relative elevations compared to a known reference or provide any means to compare elevation readings taken at different points in time.

I go by the “feel” method and illustrate with a digital level for photos, where appropriate. If someone needs an elevation survey, it’s by special arrangement and fee.

How time changes everything. :mrgreen:

Yep. It certainly does!

I have spent far more time maintaining, flushing and refilling that thing than actually using it. Now it sits in my garage untouched and unloved for a year at a time, because of this. The maker offers an “upgrade”, for a price, which supposedly addresses this defect. He offered the upgrade at a discount to NACHI members, then completely failed to respond to inquiries for how to obtain it.

If anyone wants one of these things, they may have mine for the cost to ship it. I certainly have no use for DLS.

nope, no need. just be going down a rabbit hole.

I inspect century homes practically every day, are they perfectly level?
Of course not.
Do the floors have rises and dips sometimes?
You bet.

I carry a tiny rubber ball in my case .
If you need exact just use the Android app.

Anybody in this business knows 1/4 inch slope per foot when they see it.

For inspectors that do this, for over 13 years I’ve used the …
Technidea ZIPLEVEL PRO-2000

Holds up very well. I had one of the earlier DLS units and it was weak