Do See What I see?

Actually, it’s what I do not see, as in proper clearance of the door to main disconnect. When the door on the panel cover of this Siemens load center G3030ML1200 is closed, it presses right on the main disconnect level, which will prevent it from operating.
I wrote it up, and told the seller and buyer do NOT ClOSE THIS DOOR, and to contact the manufacture.

Ever see this before?


I don’t see anything.

Just make sure it can be opened to (90) degrees.

I see your concern, however most breakers will trip internally even if the handle can’t move----as in applications where the handles can be “locked-on” to prevent inadvertant turning off of the breaker----good idea to check with mfg if not sure

I agree with Charles.

It will still trip even if the handle cannot move.

Odd design but fine.

No doubt in my mind that the breaker in the picture is new enough to be a ‘trip free’ design.

Meaning you could glue the handle and the breaker will still trip.

It’s not code, just info;-) :wink:

Is the breaker the right brand for the panel? Could this be why it touched the cover?

Yes, the breaker matches the panel.

A lot of breakers are now “trip free” meaning they are free to trip regardless of the toggle being forced in the closed/on position. Guessing it had something to do with a homeowner trying to tape a handle closed/on and defeating the tripping of the breaker in the past, but this is a guess.

If the items are all listed to work together, hard to see an issue here. Well maybe if that sheet of paper is being used as blank cover. Once again, just a guess, photo too close.


Honestly I have never seen a panel that would not shut because of a main breaker…usually if the main breaker is keeping the panel from closing…I look inside to see if someone changed the main breaker with a larger OCPD and one that is not rated the same as the enclosure…but again thats just me…per Paul’s Rules…Right Tom :wink:

Look…she needs to DEAL with this with the inspector and her attorney…nothing helpful will come out of this thread except someone looking for information to use against another inspector.

No disrespect Ann…but I would build your knowledgebase with your attorney or the inspector in question before posting all over the board regarding it…we only know YOUR side of the story.